"DIGITAL PAINTINGS" (includes mono-chromes, color & box yopps - series)

Unique archival outputs on canvas from brush & ink preliminaries

In the progression of my digital art quest, I did many digital paintings where the original ink and brush preliminaries were manipulated and color added within the computer to produce unique works on canvas. 


Museum Shadow Prints Series

"BLOW-UPS" (series) Digital Outputs based on brush & ink preliminaries

Shown above:

( l e f t )


( r i g h t )


Stainless Steel Sculpture

(based on an Ink & brush painting of a ranch dog hurding livestock, from life, The sculpture is digitally cut from stainless steel)

"MISC." Occasional Thought Paintings & Sculptures

 "SIDE BY SIDES" (newest series)  Fine Art Photography / Freehand Brush/Ink Combinations

All of Jack Atkinson’s Artworks (excluding his photography)
start as ink and brush paintings - created freehand and usually from life. Simply put, his drawings are like snap-shots, but using the hand, the eye and the unforgiving medium of ink and brush on paper to capture the decisive moment. Because life is in constant motion, many of his brush paintings are very fast, created with-in seconds and the people he draws are not always aware they have been painted, like paparazzi: at social situations; in public places; at events; on public transportation; etc. He has recently expanded his oeuvre to include fine art photography. In both his drawings and photographs, he captures the subjects which happen to be in front of him - a journalistic approach, as opposed to conceptualizations or composed set-ups.

​​J A C K   A T K I N S O N  . c o m

"ENERGY / AURA PAINTINGS" (series) Unique Digital Outputs on Canvas created from b/w brush & ink preliminary drawings from life.

jack A. Atkinson's art • by series       Click on art to see full image & slide show

"LIFE IN FRONT OF ME" Fine Art Photography Series of: Florida; Rodeo; Farmer's Market; American Road Trip - Produced as Digital Prints and Coffee Table Books